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Tandem Feeding & Toddler Weaning

Combination lactation & parenting support for moms

breastfeeding through pregnancy & beyond,

those experiencing aversion and

 those coming to an end in their breastfeeding relationship.


Know the *exact* words to say to your kiddo to stop or shorten a breastfeed while DEEPENING your bond!

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Making Changes!

An 'extended' breastfeeder's guide to saying "NO" the feed, while saying "YES" to the need! 

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Supporting for getting pregnant while breastfeeding,
Breastfeeding through pregnancy,
Tandem feeding and
Nursing aversion

Becoming pregnant while breastfeeding does not mean you need to wean your nursling!  

However, breastfeeding through pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding multiple nurslings at once can present it's own challenges. Often ones that are unexpected!  

Not only have I been through this myself, but I am passionate about providing both parenting and lactation support to moms navigating these unique circumstances. 


As both a lactation counselor AND a parenting coach, I am in a unique position to provide that support.  

Schedule a free 15 minute phone call and let's talk.

Toddler Weaning

Whether you are fully committed to being "done" or not, toddler weaning can feel like a challenge you weren't prepared for. 


You've likely had to persevere despite many challenges and perhaps the disapproval of others.  Who can you turn to for support during the weaning process?

I've spoken to so many moms who feel this way and face toddler breastfeeding challenges alone.  

You don't have to! 
Schedule a free 15 minute phone call and let's talk.

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