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Birthing to breastfeed (and tandemfeed!) with Beau Wilson, Midwife & Childbirth Educator

Embarking on the incredible journey of motherhood is like setting sail on a personal adventure, one that's uniquely yours to discover. And let's face it, unraveling its intricacies is no walk in the park. Getting your journey started strong, regardless of the waves that come, can make a huge difference. We're diving headfirst into these waters with Beau Wilson, a seasoned midwife who's spent over a decade embracing the world of childbirth firsthand - extended breastfeeding momma herself.

In this conversation, Beau explores and explains what you can do to set yourself up for success in your breastfeeding journey from the earliest moments after birth - even if your labour & delivery didn't go to plan, or you experienced breastfeeding hardships in the past. These insights remind us that our bodies are true allies in this wild ride called motherhood. It's all about finding that sweet spot of self-attunement, education, and support to navigate birth and breastfeeding.Whether you are pregnant with your first, or planning for your third, this episode will leave you inspired & empowered.

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About Beau:

Beau is a passionate Australian midwife with over a decade of experience in guiding and supporting women and their families through the transformative journey of childbirth. As a mother herself, she understands the profound significance of this momentous life event and is driven by her mission to empower women with the education and tools they need to approach birth and parenthood with confidence and informed decision-making. Whilst not initially planned, she is still breastfeeding her daughter 4.5 years on. She knew that during the pandemic, the single-most valuable thing she could do for her daughter's health is to continue to breastfeed. Extended breastfeeding has afforded her daughter ongoing emotional comfort and immune support while promoting a sense of security and emotional wellbeing.

You can read more about Beau's work at or follow her on Instagram @birthtobabyaus


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