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Baby Breastfeeding

Lactation Support Package

This package is perfect for every breastfeeding parent who is facing challenges with their breastfeeding relationship.  Whether you are exclusively pumping, weaning, having troubles with latch or hoping to relactate or induce lactation. 

It provides on-going support so you never feel isolated or hopeless.  The continuing care ensures new problems that pop-up are addressed before they snowball into huge ones. As well, having the next sessions on the calendar can ease anxiety and help create a safe space for new parents to feel they can be truly empowered to make choices that align with their values and meet their family's unique needs 


What's included:

1-2 Hour Initial Consult

This initial consult can be done in-person or virtually.  A medical history will be taken, mom and baby will be assessed and a feed will be observed.  We will explore the challenges you are facing and what underlying troubles may be contributing. ($150 value)

2nd & 3rd Lactation Follow Ups

2 Additional virtual follow ups are included in this package.  These can be booked as needed.  We will continue to tweak the plans we have made as well as provide support for all of the new challenges that may arise. ($194 value)


Have access to all of the videos included in the Breastfeeding Basics & Beyond Fall 2021 virtual Conference! ($147 value!)

First Lactation Follow Up

About 3-7 days after the initial consult you will have your first Lactation Follow Up.  This can be done virtually or in person.  We will work on the plan we made initially, make tweaks as needed and another feed will be observed. ($97 value)

4 weeks of text/email support

Have access to Jenna for on-going support for 4 weeks.  Text or email at anytime to get in the moment support. 

($97 value)

What Our Clients Say

Breast Milk Pump

robin, mom of 3

Not only did I leave both of my sessions feeling incredibly empowered about my breast-feeding journey but I felt more empowered as a mother and a woman. Jenna was able to help me process through everything I was thinking and feeling that I didn’t actually even have the words for. Of course she gave me all the tips and tricks for getting a better latch and making sure my little man was getting what he needed but that was just the icing on the cake. She created a totally safe and sacred space for me absolutely judgment free. She was able to touch my heart and connect on a soul level that helped me to figure out what best works for US which is some thing that I have yet to come across in any other consultant I’ve seen (& I’ve seen quite a few). She’s incredibly knowledgeable and obviously so passionate about what she does and in case you haven’t picked up on this by now… I couldn’t recommend her enough.

A complete package valued at $685 for:
1 payment: $397
4 payments of: $115

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