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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Start learning About Breastfeeding?

While it's never to early to start, I recommend booking your prenatal education session at about 28-30 weeks. 

Why should I hire a lactation Counselor when they give support in the hospital?

While doctors, midwives and nurses provide amazing care for the health of you and your baby(ies) most are not well education when it comes to breastfeeding.  Many don't receive ANY lactation specific education in school and rely heavily on personal experience and cultural norms when providing recommendations.  A professional who specializes in lactation can be a wonderful asset to your care team and provide a unique perspective. 

Are you covered by OHIP or my private health insurance?

My services are not covered by OHIP at this time.  My services may be covered under your private health insurance.  Please contact your provider to inquire.  I do not deal directly with insurance so you will have to submit your receipt on your own for reimbursement if it is covered. 

What can I expect during my lactation appointment?

Assessments on lactating parent and infant will be preformed, medical history will be taken, a feeding will be observed and then a plan forward will be made.  Have any gear that you normally use when you are feeding ready (pumps, pillows, bottles etc...) and make sure your little one is ready for a feed during the appointment time. In-person appointments will include oral assessments on infants - virtual sessions will not.

What can I expect during a parent coaching session?

Parent coaching sessions take place virtually.  Please log on at our pre-arranged appointment time and situate yourself in a comfortable place where you are unlikely to be interrupted.  During our first session we will go over what coaching is, what dynamics are at play in your family and determine your values and goals.  From there we will make a plan for how frequently to meet and book in future sessions. You don't need to bring anything to a parent coaching session (although occasionally a pen and notebook is helpful).

My toddler is breastfeeding, but i'm not sure if I need a lactation session or a coaching session

This is a common question.  If you are confused about what service you should book, go ahead and schedule in a free initial parenting session and we will figure out the best path forward for you when we meet. 

Have a question I didn't cover?

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