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FREE 45 Minute Workshop

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with Jenna Wolfe, LC & Parent Coach and Aly Hergott, IBCLC

The Red Flags of 

Learn the early warning signs in breastfeeding. 

In this free recording you'll get:

The 7 Flags

You'll learn the 7 flags that you need to look out for in your breastfeeding relationship so that you can take early action and not let troubles snowball.

How to find support

Aly & Jenna cover how & where to find support so you won't be at the mercy of Google!

What the RIGHT support is!

What to look for when you are finding lactation support so that you don't get advice from the wrong people. 


This is a compassionate talk with mamas who have BEEN there!  You will seen, heard and LOVED! 

Ready to give saying "no" to a feed a try?!