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The Benefits of Peer Support with Melissa Masse


Melissa is an experienced breastfeeding mom of 2 and La Leche League Leader in Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada!  In our interview we discussed the rich history of La Leche League and all of the wonder things it has to offer.  Melissa's talk will encourage you to reach out for support on your breastfeeding journey and to value your inner knowing above all else.  




Day 2:
Feeling Supported

Tongue Ties: Impact & Revision with Dr. Jennifer Kerr


Dr. Jennifer Kerr is a mom of 2 and dentist with nearly a decade of experience specializing in the treatment of oral tissue tethers (aka tongue ties!).  Hear share her experience both personally and professionally working with breastfeeding babies as she breaks down the ins and outs of ties.  Dr. Kerr's compassionate information will give you hope if you have been battling with painful and difficult breastfeeding. 

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