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Know the *exact* words to say to your kiddo to stop or shorten a breastfeed while DEEPENING your bond!

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Making Changes!

An 'extended' breastfeeder's guide to saying "NO" the feed, while saying "YES" to the need! 

Plus size woman breastfeeding her infant

Breastfeeding Support

Experienced, compassionate lactation support from pregnancy to preschool. 

You are not in this alone. 

There is never a wrong time to reach out. 

Providing in-person support for residents of Windsor & Essex County, and virtually around the world.
- Windsor - Ontario - Canada - Essex - Amherstburg - LaSalle - Kingsville -

Why work with me?

As a lactation counselor, experienced breastfeeding mom and skilled parenting coach, I bring more than just knowledge of breastfeeding physiology to my clients:


I offer the emotional and technical support needed to navigate all the nuances of your breastfeeding challenges. 

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We can do this together...

Mother and Baby on the Beach

Robin, Mom of 3
Virtual Lactation Support

Not only did I leave both of my sessions feeling incredibly empowered about my breast-feeding journey but I felt more empowered as a mother and a woman. Jenna was able to help me process through everything I was thinking and feeling that I didn’t actually even have the words for.

Young Mother and Baby

Liane, Mom of 2
Parenting Support

...I felt validated. Jenna saw me as a mother and person and gave me the confidence to try to things, but also the empowerment to continue some of the things that I do that might be counter culture.

Tara, Mom of 3
Lactation Support

Yesterdays session was very informative. I appreciated the support that Jenna provided me. I felt it was a safe and non judgmental atmosphere and I love how passionate she is about her role in supporting mothers with breastfeeding.

What my clients say

Type of Support Offerings:

Prenatal Education

Get started on your breastfeeding journey confident and empowered with the knowledge and support you need to thrive.

Lactation Support 

Multiple services and packages available to meet your current needs and goals.

Tandem Feeding
Toddler Weaning

Combination parent coaching and lactation counseling to support through challenges unique to older nurslings.

Parenting Support

Coaching available for moms who are experiencing behavioural and relational challenges with their 0-5 year olds.